Flagship Product: ATS 4910CRTM


ATS 4910CRTM is a dual laminate hybrid comprised of a vinyl ester interior liner for corrosion resistance and a proprietary phenolic exterior shell for fire protection. With a proven track record in the semiconductor industry, 4910CRTM gets it’s namesake from the Factory Mutual protocol for cleanroom compatibility. Designed with 100% solid seals at all jointing points, ATS 4910CRTM duct system does not leak, unlike competitive products. The ATS 4910CRTM system - from the duct, to the joints, to the ChemBondTM joining epoxy - is cleanroom compatible.

ATS 4910CRTM has the following features making it an excellent choice for semiconductor and other industries:-

  • FM 4910 Approved. With cleanroom materials rating, this duct system is perfect for fabs.
  • FM 4922 Approved. FM listed for use without sprinklers as well with No Height Restrictions.
  • High Corrosion Resistance. Tested in the laboratory and proven in the field through decades of facility use.
  • Industry leading modifiability. No other FM approved duct has the flexibility of ATS.
  • Light weight yet remarkably strong. State of the art manufacturing and materials produce the highest performance.
  • Full warranty. Industry leading support, training, inspections, and product warranties protect your investment.

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